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dental online lectures


  what is this course and how does it work ?

 A-This course aim to train fixed orthodontics through our series of recorded videos. 

 The course comprise recorded white board lectures, pictures, digital drawings, animations, demo on dummies and also live demo on patients.

 Language of Instruction?

 A- Language of instruction is in Indian english,but supported with captions so students can translate to their own language.

 where can i watch these videos?

 A-Apart from desk top & Laptops our site works great on mobile/cell phones and tablets.

 who can take these courses?

A-Any dentist with little or no previous knowledge in Orthodontics so is ideal for complete beginners.

what kind of support i receive ?

A-At the end of each lession or topic you can ask questions in the forum restricted to only members.
our instructors will guide and support through out the course 

Why is your course so cheap?

A-It is not because course is bad : The goal of Indian dental academy is to provide low cost training to dentists

so that they can treat their own cases and increase revenues.

Do you provide any certificate ?

Yes ! after online assesment, student recieve online course completion certificate.with Indian dental Academy’s logo. 

Does this certificate recognized by DCI or any government body?

No !

How do you asses me ?

A-we send assignment and different cases, student should complete the work and send to us.

When will I able to access the course after I Purchase the membership ?

A-Once you have purchased the course you will receive an email confirming your purchase.
If you have purchased an online course you will either receive a further email with your course access details within 24 hours.

what kind of support i receive ?

How can i pay ?

A-You can pay for your course in a variety of ways: Debit or Credit Card,Paypal
If you prefer to pay by Personal, internet banking,cheque or  by western union
contact us to place your order.

can i download videos to view offline ?

A-you can only access them but cannot download videos.

I still have questions?

A- contact us.


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