what is idalectures?

A-ida lectures is platform containing hundreds of  recorded lectures in all dental specialties.

students or clinicians can subscribe and access the videos.

what are the courses available for doctors who are already into practice?

A-presently we have Fixed orthodontics, in future we will be adding  more clinical courses

 can i learn fixed orthodontics through these videos ?

 A-Yes ! This course aim to train fixed orthodontics through our series of recorded videos.

The course comprise recorded white board lectures, pictures, digital drawings, animations, demo on dummies different case discussions and  also live demo on patients.

 Language of Instruction?

 A- Language of instruction is in Indian english,but supported with captions so students can translate to their own language.

 where can i watch these videos?

 A-Apart from desk top & Laptops our site works great on mobile/cell phones and tablets.

who can take this orthodontic course?

A-Any dentist with little or no previous knowledge in Orthodontics so is ideal for complete beginners.

what are student courses?

Student courses are available from First BDS to Final BDS. Topics covered as per DCI curriculum.

who can take these courses?

These lectures will help all students studying for university exams,revision for NEET , NBDE aspirants, those studying for any foreign entrances.



How can i pay ?

A-You can pay for your course in a variety of ways: Debit or Credit Card,Paypal
If you prefer to pay by Personal, internet banking,cheque or  by western union
contact us to place your order.

Can i get these videos in USB Pen drive  to watch them offline ?

A-yes ! you can order them in USB pen drive but you have to pay extra cost of pen drive and shipping!

I still have questions?

A- contact us.


  • Indian Dental academy,
  • Hyderabad-India.
  • E mail : indiandentalacademy@gmail.com


  • Implant Dentistry
  • Periodontics
  • Endodontics
  • Crown & Bridge
  • Laser Dentistry

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